Discord Updates in April 2021

Submitted by notserk on Sun, 04/25/2021 - 21:56
April 2021 Updates

Looking for Group Bot (Purnell)

Looking for a group of members to game with? We are utilizing a new bot (Purnell) to allow for DCGG members to create a gaming session. This will allow for you as a member to notify other members that you want to play a game. 

With this update we are also introducing: Open Play Hours from 7pm - Midnight, everyday. This is a window of time where we find most of our members are online and available to game. 

If you want to host an open gaming sesion outside of this window, feel free to do so. 

Learn more here

RSVP for Events in Discord (Apollo)

We are introducing a new way to RSVP for official events using a bot (Apollo) that will create a message in Discord for users to RSVP.

Communicate with DCGG Staff (ModMail)

If you ever have any issues or questions with the server, we have a new bot (ModMail) that will allow members to be able to message the DCGG staff and be placed in an issue queue. 

Introducing Game Tags

In each genre, members now have the ability to select what games they want to be tagged with. This was a feature heavily requested to allow for better coordination between members based on games.

Get started in the #my-games channel in the server. 

This works similar to the existing channel message in set-my-alerts.

If you don’t see your game listed utilize the modmail bot to message us directly!

Updates to Channel names and Improved User Experience

For new members you will be met with a new welcome page that is better tailored to direct you to events, starting and joining pickup games, choosing your favorite genres, information about our server and jumping right into general introducing yourself to the community. 

We are also making updates to our info center with clearer language on where to find everything in the server.